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Chandan Kumar



Visual Interactive Exploration of Geo-Located Infrastructure and Facilities (UrbanExplorer) is a research project, funded by the DFG (Geman National Science Foundation) and part of a network of projects under the priority program "Scalable Visual Analytics: Interactive Visual Analysis Systems of Complex Information Spaces". The project will run for three years, i.e. until Feb 2015.
The goal of URBANEXPLORER is to impose different visual analytic technologies over a geographical web information retrieval system to help end users with visual exploration and querying over a highly complex but informative data. We are investigating methods for retrieving geo-spatially related information of different types and from different sources, integrating these into novel visualizations that are easily to interpret. Going beyond map-based points and region clusters, we will develop methods for the integration and intuitive visualization for relevant aspects of the geo-spatial availability of services and infrastructure such as spreading and distribution, sparseness and density, reachability and connectivity. The two main objectives of the project are:

  • End user empowerment: To assist end user’s location-related understanding and decision making on the local infrastructure and services
  • Using Web as a major geo information source: The richest publically available data source 

In this project, we deal with following major researich challenges:

  • Preciseness in retrieval of spatial data Ranking and relevance assessment 
  • Geo-visualization of high-dimensional spatial data 
  • Computational and visual scalability 
  • Dynamic user preferences and interactivity

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