Prof. Dr Michael Neubrand

Prof. Dr. Michael Neubrand

Mathematische Bildungsforschung und Unterrichtsentwicklung

Department of Mathematics  (» Postal address)

Prof. Dr. Michael Neubrand

Professor for Mathematics Education

Areas of expertise

  • Didactics of mathematics: basic questions of teaching and learning mathematics; didactics of geometry; mathematical education; international comparative studies; conceptualization and testing of professional knowledge of mathematics teachers.
  • Research focus within the didactics group at the Institute of Mathematics at the University of Oldenburg: didactics of secondary levels I and II.

Completed major research projects

"PISA" (Programme for International Student Assessment):

Member of the scientific consortium for the implementation of PISA in Germany 1997-2004; Head of the German Mathematics Expert Group in the cycles PISA-2000 and PISA-2003; Member of the Mathematics Expert Group in the cycle PISA-2006.


Educational standards in mathematics for the intermediate school leaving certificate:

From 2004 to 2017, member of the task assessment groupfor the creation and standardisation of the standards in grade 8 ("Vera-8"):

DFG project "Professionswissen von Lehrkräften, kognitiv aktivierender Mathematikunterricht und die Entwicklung mathematischer Kompetenz" (COACTIV) within the priority programme BiQua of the DFG:

Head of the project together with Jürgen Baumert (Berlin) and Werner Blum (Kassel);

final publications:

M. Kunter, J. Baumert, W. Blum, U. Klusmann, S. Krauss, M. Neubrand (eds.): Professionelle Kompetenz von Lehrkräften - Ergebnisse des Forschungsprogramms COACTIV. Münster, New York, Munich, Berlin: Waxmann 2011.

M. Kunter, J. Baumert, W. Blum, U. Klusmann, S. Krauss, M. Neubrand (Eds.): Cognitive Activation in the Mathematics Classroom and Professional Competence of Teachers. Results from the COACTIV Project (Series "Mathematics Teacher Education", Vol. 8). New York: Springer 2013

Mathematics didactic analyses of the 2008 central examinations in mathematics at the end of grade 10 in North Rhine-Westphalia, together with Johanna Neubrand (University of Vechta):

This report was handed over to and discussed with the Ministry for School and Further Education of North Rhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf in 2010. The analyses carried out refer to the tasks and to selected authentic tasks. The Ministry was given advice on task construction and subject lesson development, which was incorporated into the Ministry's planning.

The entire report can be downloaded here:

NEUBRAND J and M - Analyses NRW-ZP-10 2008.pdf.

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