Internet Access

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There are basically two options how you can get access to the internet during the Summer School:

  1. When checking-in for the School, every participant will be given a computer account, which is needed for the tutorials. With that account, you may login to any "public" computer on the University Campus (such public computers are located, e.g., in the Library and in the PC labs).
  2. If you bring your own mobile device (notebook, tablet, smartphone, ...), the above account allows you to connect to the eduroam network which gives you WLAN access to the internet from virtually every place in the university. If you already have an eduroam account from your home university, you should be able to connect with the same settings in Oldenburg (make sure, though, that the domain of your university, e.g. "", follows your username).
    Here's a short instruction on how to set up the WLAN on your mobile device (using the account data that you've received on your arrival):
    • While on campus, choose the WLAN named eduroam
    • Username:
      (replace abcd1234 with your 4-letter-4-digit username);
    • Password: your-personal-password
    • In case your device does not automatically detect the remaining settings, select the following:
        Wireless Security WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
        Authentication Protected EAP (PEAP)
        Inner Authentication MSCHAPv2
        Anonymous Identity anonymus (only sometimes required)
(Changed: 2021-04-30)