Eco-Joy: Imagining Sustainable and Joyful Food Eco-label Futures


Dr. Gözel Shakeri
Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems


MSc Frederike Jung
OFFIS - Personal Pervasive Computing


Eco-Joy: Imagining Sustainable and Joyful Food Eco-label Futures


Eco-Joy is a workshop at the NordiCHI 2022. As a response to the growing interest of the  HCI community on how to cope with---and prevent---global warming, we are happy to present Eco-Joy. Given the strong relationship between climate change and diet, this workshop focuses on how to signal the sustainability of food in ways that are both effective and compelling. The workshop invites researchers and practitioners to discuss current eco-labels, and creatively design the future of sustainability signalling with emerging technology.

In this workshop we will: 

  • critically reflect the state of the art of current eco-labelling to identify interesting areas of advancement
  • generate speculative ideas as to how emergent technologies might contribute to crafting more effective and compelling eco-labels
  • provide a forum for sharing, listening, and learning from the interdisciplinary expertise of the participants to collaboratively envision new directions to further develop this research space. 

Eco-Joy takes place during the NordiCHI 2022 in Aarhus October 10-12 (exact date t.b.a.). We are currently looking for participants! 

Join the workshop

Are you interested in joining the interdisciplinary workshop? We are happy to welcome you!
All prospective participants need to submit a one-page position paper in order to attend the workshop. In the position paper, include a short bio, a brief expression of interest, and a design of a label presenting yourself. We provide a template and an example for this task. 

Your label should include: (1) your name and affiliation, (2) up to 5 keywords describing your research interests, (3) up to 5 keywords describing your methodology, and (4) a playful, evocative image that represents your work and/or approach.

Accepted participants' position statements will be made available on this website, if agreed by the participants. Selected participants will also be invited to (optionally) bring to the workshop any eco-labels they find interesting and would like to discuss.

(Changed: 27 Jun 2022)