Previous Year's Students' Projects

SoSe 2017

Coding Board

  • Marlon Willms
  • Frederik Scharnowski
  • Mark Kettner

SoSe 2017

Self Reflective Circuits

  • Beatrice Coldewey
  • Maren Steinkamp
  • Christin Poloczek


Practicum Maker's Lab

Practicum Contents

The Maker's Lab is a practicum in computer science, which deals with the development of an interactive system including its hardware and software components. The focus of the internship is the development and implementation of an exciting application based on the existing technical platforms, such as Arduino. The course uses our FabLab with 3D printer, laser cutter and 3D scanner. This makes it suitable for both the Master of Computer Science and those interested in Master of Embedded Systems and Microrobotics.

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