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WS 2015/16

ClimbING Assist

  • Dag Ennenga
  • Corinna Feeken

Practical Course Wearable Computing Lab

Practicum Contents

Under the slogan of "wearable computing" hides a practicum which deals with the development of a portable application that utilizes mobile sensors and actuators. One available system is "Arduino," a technical platform and development environment that makes it easy to develop such portable applications.

Lilypad Arduino is an example of such a microcontroller board from the Arduino platform. The development of software and the associated control of sensors and actuators is extremely simple and easy to handle even for non-technology participants. The board and the actuators such as LEDs, speakers, vibration, etc. can be easily sewn into clothing, but also attached to other things like a bike or a guitar. Another existing platform is called Shimmer. It offers extensive mobile sensor technology for motion detection and vital signs. The potential applications are virtually unlimited, ranging from entertainment, navigation, health, communication to art.

The focus of the practicum is on the development and implementation of an exciting wearable computing application based on existing technical platforms. This makes it suitable for both Master of Computer Science and those interested in Master Embedded Systems and Microrobotics.

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