Academic Procedures

Sonja Gellermann (Dr. med. und Dr. rer. medic)

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Sarina Wichmann  (Dr. rer. nat.)

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International Affairs and Promotion of Early Career Researchers

Dipl.-Soz. Nina Löchte M.A.

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Karine von Bochmann M.A. 

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Double doctorate

The University of Oldenburg offers students the possibility of obtaining a binational joint PhD degree. Students are enrolled at the University of Oldenburg and at an international partner university and carry out their research at both sites, over an equal period of time. They are supervised jointly and are jointly awarded a dual (not double) degree award.

A binational degree offers students a chance to study and to carry out their PhD research at two universities in two different countries, allowing them to benefit from the scientific resources and the academic cultures of these two environments. It is of great value for students wishing to carry out their research at home as well as in a foreign country, who seek employability in two countries, who are interested in transnational cooperations or whose research is closely linked to a foreign country.

Currently, the faculty offers a double doctorate with the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

If you are interested in a joint Phd degree, please contact the International Affairs and Promotion of Early Career Researchers' Team or the Team of Academic Procedures.





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