Consultant for Gender and Diversity Management

Dr. Janina Leyk


Funding opportunities for female scientists*

Below you will find current and ongoing calls for proposals for funding opportunities specifically for female scientists* in medicine and the natural sciences.

Funding from the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation

The Foundation for the promotion of science and research, initiated in 2004, supports talented young women with children. It aims to enable them to create the freedom and mobility required to further their scientific careers. The Foundation wishes to help prevent science from loosing excellent talent. It is aimed specifically at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the fields of experimental natural sciences and medicine

Women are, measured by their scientific potential, underrepresented in leading scientific or research positions. Our foundation targets specifically the problem that makes life so difficult for many female scientists, namely balancing family obligations with the duties of an independent researcher. A monthly financial grant to pay for assistance in household chores and for additional childcare is aimed to relieve these young female scientists from household tasks. The time thus freed allows them to continue working at a high standard, despite the double burden. We hope to contribute towards increasing the proportion of highly qualified women participating in high-level research in Germany.

Applications can be submitted annually from September onwards via the Foundation's application portal.

  • The next deadline is 30 November 2021
  • For more information, click here
(Changed: 2021-12-13)