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For information about the curriculum please see the website of the Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology (Oldenburg) and the website of the Graduate School of Medical Sciences (Groningen).

Upcoming Events

30.11.2018: JRTG Retreat, Groningen

Oldenburg-Groningen Joint Graduate Research Training Group “Translational Research: From Pathological Mechanisms to Therapy”

The binational, interdepartmental and interdisciplinary program aims to foster the integration of basic research, patient-oriented research, and population-based research with the long-term aim to improve health and patient outcome. PhD students work on a three year individual research project in the fields of psychiatry, oncology, immunology or genetics and receive a broad training with courses in molecular biology, statistics, epidemiology, neuroscience, academic writing and others.

Students are jointly supervised by one PI at the University Medical Center Groningen and one PI at the Faculty of Medicine in Oldenburg. They will receive a joint degree from both institutions. The first students started in early 2018. They conduct research in one of the following projects: 

Project 1: “Development of brain stimulation techniques for the therapy of auditory verbal hallucinations” (Prof. Dr. Christoph Herrmann/ Prof. Dr. Andre Aleman/ Dr. Branislava

Project 2: “Emotional reactivity in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder” (Prof. Dr. Christiane Thiel/ Prof. Dr. Pieter Hoekstra/External Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Philipsen)

Project 3: “Ciliopathies and intracellular signaling – unravelling the underlying mechanisms and implications for therapeutic approaches” (Prof. Dr. John Neidhardt/ Prof. Dr. Kathrin

Project 4: “Bullous pemphigoid – What makes the blister?” (Prof. Dr. Ulrike Raap/ Prof. Dr. Marcel F. Jonkman)

Project 5: “Identification and characterization of functional and plasmatic markers of microvascular dysfunction for the prediction of adverse outcome after major surgery – A translational approach” (Prof. Dr. Gregor Theilmeier/ Prof. Dr. Thomas W.L. Scheeren/ Dr. Matijs van Meurs)

Project 6: “Evaluation of biomarker for response to immune checkpoint Inhibitors in patients with advanced non-small cell lung in tissue and liquid biopsy” (Prof. Dr. Frank Griesinger/
Prof. Dr. Harry J.M. Groen)

Project 7: “Individual patient treatment plan verification of scanned beam proton irradiation” (Prof. Dr. Björn Poppe/ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Antje C. Knopf/ Prof. Dr. Johannes Albertus Langendijk)

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