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 Prof. Dr. Mathias Dietz

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Department of Medical Physics and Acoustics
Küpkersweg 74
D-26111 Oldenburg


Section for Physiology and Modeling of auditory Perception

Current Projects

Cluster of Excellence: Hearing4all 

ERC project: Individualized Binaural Diagnostics and Technology (IBiDT)

SFB 1330: Hearing acoustics: Perceptual principles, Algorithms and Applications (HAPPAA) 
(Associated to project B4)

BMBF project: Novel Bimodal Stimulation (NoBiS)

Past Projects

The Active Auditory System - SFB/TRR 31 (Associated to project B2)

Advancing Binaural Cochlear Implant Technology  (ABCIT

Workshop "The Binaural Brainstem & Beyond" 

Our 1st binaural Workshop took place on 11th and 12th June, 2019. Sessions covered topics from physiologic frame comprehensive binaural models to individual differences in auditory processing.

Current Topics

Binaural Hearing

Binaural Cochlear Implants

Binaural Model Challange

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