Ladan Zamaninezhad

Dept. für medizinische Physik und Akustik
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
26111 Oldenburg

W30 1-102

+49-441-798 5472

Ladan Zamaninezhad

Ladan Zamaninezhad



Ladan Zamaninezhad received the Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing in 2013 from Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden. From 2012 to 2013, she was a visiting researcher in university of Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany where she worked on geometry estimation of acoustic enclosure as her master thesis. In October 2013, she started her Ph.D in University of Oldenburg, Germany. Her PhD thesis is focused on model-based prediction and enhancement of speech perception in cochlear implant listeners. She is interested in applications of signal processing and automatic speech recognition in hearing devices.


Research Interests:

Cochlear Implants

Auditory Models

Signal Processing


Teaching experience:

Tutor for “Signal processing”

Tutor for “Principles of signal processing in hearing devices”



Journal Papers:

Zamaninezhad, L., Hohmann, V.,  Büchner, A., Schädler, M. R., Jürgens, T., “A Physiologically-inspired Model Reproducing the Speech Intelligibility Benefit in Cochlear Implant Listeners with Residual Acoustic Hearing”, Hearing Research, Volume 344, February 2017, Pages 50-61.



Peer-reviewed Conference Papers:

Zamaninezhad, L., Annibale, P., Rabenstein, R., “Localization of Environmental Reflectors from a Single Measured Transfer Function”, International Symposium on Communication, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCSP), Athens, Greece, May. 2014. pp. 157-160.



Conference Abstracts:

Zamaninezhad, L., Hohmann, V., Jürgens, T., “Towards Improving Speech Intelligibility of Electro-acoustic Listeners – A Model-based Analysis”, Erlanger Kolloquium, Erlangen, Germany, February. 2017.


Zamaninezhad, L., Jürgens, T., “Channel Interaction Determines the Best Fitting Strategy for Cochlear Implant Users with Ipsilateral Residual Acoustic Hearing in a Computer Model”, Speech in Noise (SpiN) Workshop, Oldenburg, Germany, January. 2017.


Zamaninezhad, L., Hohmann, V., Jürgens, T., “Model-based Analysis of the Effect of Frequency Allocation in Cochlear Implant Users on Speech Intelligibility”, 19. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Audiologie (DGA). Hanover, Germany, March. 2016.


Zamaninezhad, L., Hohmann, V., Büchner, A., Jürgens, T.,“Speech Intelligibility Benefits in a Model of Cochlear Implant Listeners with Ipsilateral Residual Acoustic Hearing”, Association for Research in Otolaryng. MidWinter Meeting (ARO), San Diego, USA, February. 2016.


Zamaninezhad, L., Hohmann, V., Schädler, M. R., Jürgens, T., “A Model-based Evaluation of Speech Perception in Noise for Electro-acoustic Listeners”, Speech in Noise (SpiN) Workshop, Groningen, Netherlands, January. 2016.


Zamaninezhad, L., Hohmann, V., Jürgens, T., “Auditory Model of Speech Intelligibility for Electro-acoustic Listeners”, Meeting of Audiological Research Cores in Europe (ARCHES), Oldenburg, Germany, November. 2014.


Zamaninezhad, L., Hohmann, V., Jürgens, T., “Towards Developing an Electro-acoustic Model of Speech Intelligibility”, 17. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Audiologie (DGA), Oldenburg, Germany, March. 2014.

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