Medi seminar

Seminar Medizinische Physik

  • Zeit: Dienstags, 10-12h (c.t.)
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Winter term 2020/21





20.10.20 Virtual Hearing Clinic Birger Kollmeier  
27.10.20 Research Hearing Devices Hendrik Kayser & Marc René Schädler  
03.11.20 Speech enhancement based on deep machine learning: Applications for improved broadcast signals and voice communication Nils Westhausen EN/DE
10.11.20 Psychoacoustics & Speech recognition: Data of 120 listeners David Hülsmeier EN/DE
17.11.20 Magnetoencephalography: an introduction to methods and its application to natural speech stimuli Till Habersetzer DE
24.11.20 Open Science Now?! Marc René Schädler, David Hülsmeier, Stephan Ewert, Giso Grimm  
01.12.20 No seminar    
08.12.20 Room acoustics simulation on the edge: perceptually motivated modeling of complex geometrical arrangements Christoph Kirsch EN/DE
22.12.20 Oldenburg concept for hearing-aid fitting. Which hearing loss factors play a role in hearing aid fitting? Dirk Oetting (HörTech) DE
05.01.21 Towards a clinical decision-support system using Common Audiological Functional Parameters (CAFPAs): Classification of predicted CAFPAs and extension towards clinical databases Mareike Buhl EN
12.01.21 Prediction of speech intelligibility in realistic scenes Florian Kramer  
19.01.21 Effective Modeling of the Binaural Masking Level Difference Bernhard Eurich EN
26.01.21 On the Use of Binaural Cues After Ischemic Stroke & Experiments for Diagnostics Anna Dietze  
02.02.21 Investigating the influence of individualised and non-individualised compensation filters on loudness mismatch: An overview to upcoming experiment Manan Lamba EN



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