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Clinician Scientist-Programme / Medical Scientist-Programme

The Clinician/Medical Scientist Programme offers postdoctoral researchers a structured, three-year advanced training.

The Clinician Scientist Programme provides research-oriented physicians in the third year of their specialist medical training and beyond with funding for the implementation of clinical and basic research projects (exemption from 50% of working time in medical setting for three years) at one of the university clinics.

The Medical Scientist Programme is geared toward non-physicians who are interested in clinical research. 50% of their working time can be funded over three years. The remaining 50% must be financed by the collaborating university clinic.

In addition to their scientific research, the participants of both programmes complete an individualized curriculum. The courses should be selected based on the participants’ individual needs and research area, as well as be conducive to their career development and further qualification for leadership and management roles.

Courses offered at the Graduate School OLTECH, the Graduate Academy, Teaching and Learning in Higher Education or at other institutions (also external) such as the hospital clinics on topics such as ethics, statistics, basics of clinical studies, didactic qualifications, leadership and management, project management, presentation of scientific results or grant applications can be taken.

The completion of a course on good scientific practice or good clinical practice lasting at least one day is compulsory. A credit transfer can be granted provided that the relevant course was completed in the last three years. At least three one-day courses should be attended per funding year. If necessary, the courses can be distributed unevenly over the funding years. Clinician Scientists complete the programme in addition to the medical specialist curriculum (Facharztcurriculum in German).

More information on the framework of the Clinician and Medical Scientist Programmes can be found in the supervision and goal agreement.

(Changed: 2021-08-12)