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    • Prof. Dr. Binas-Preisendörfer
    • Prof. Dr. Martin Butler
    • Prof. Dr. Karen Ellwanger
    • Prof. Dr. Gerd Hentschel
    • Prof. Dr. Gun-Britt Kohler
    • Prof. Dr. Gunter Kreutz
    • Prof. Dr. Rudolf Leiprecht (FK I)
    • Prof. Dr. Barbara Paul
    • Prof. Dr. Melanie Unseld
    • Prof. Dr. Silke Wenk
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Migration Gender Politics

Migration - Gender - Politics

The working group "Migration - Gender - Politics" is specialised on internationally oriented, transdisciplinary projects. Our main focus is on projects at the intersection of migration and gender studies, but we also work on general topics in migration studies or gender and politics. Our expertise includes transnational curriculum development. We cooperate with many partner universities in Europe and the US as well as in Africa and Asia.

The Erasmus Mundus programme European Master Migration an Intercultural Relations is based in the working group. Starting in September 2011, this programme is jointly organized by four European and three African universities. Find further information at

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