Dr. Ulrike Lingen-Ali


The project is funded by the State of Lower Saxony (Stiftung Pro Niedersachsen) and implemented in cooperation between the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and the University of Hildesheim. The project runs from December 2012 to November 2015


ALMIN: Migrant One-Parent Families in Lower Saxony – Living Conditions between Poverty and Self-Determination

Dominant discourses on migrant families (not only) in Germany tend to focus on ethnicity and religion, claiming that patriarchal-traditional orders restrict women’s biographical choices and developments. Forced marriage and so-called honour killings have recently attracted the attention of policy makers and media alike – and contribute to the invisibility of those social dynamics in migrant families that cannot be exoticized and scandalized. The research project ALMIN (Migrant One-Parent Families in Lower Saxony) adopts a different perspective on dynamics, complexities and diversities of migrant family relations. It includes quantitative analysis of statistical data, interviews with experts and single migrant parents, as well as an international conference.

ALMIN is the first academic research in Germany focusing on migrant one-parent families. The main research interest is to examine living conditions, family dynamics and strategies for action and support. Relevant dimensions in this context are origins of single parenting, economic resources, poverty and risk of poverty, employment orientation, professional qualification, housing conditions, legal situation, (trans)cultural and family networks, as well as self-concepts, coping strategies and professional support.

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