Dr. Lydia Potts


funded by Erasmus Mundus/EACEA from 2011 to 2021 


EMMIR (Erasmus Mundus)

EMMIR: European Master Migration and Intercultural Relations

The EMMIR consortium has been awarded an Erasmus Mundus grant to run the “European Master in Migration & Intercultural Relations” as an African-European study programme from 2011 onwards. EMMIR is one of only two projects selected with partners from ACP states and Sub-Saharan Africa.  EMMIR is the first African-European Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Migration Studies. The first cohort set out to study in September 2011. The programme is jointly run by three African and four European universities, facilitated by a wider network of partners.
EMMIR is a unique study programme focusing on migration through an intercultural approach. It provides profound theoretical skills in migration studies combined with field work in Europe and Africa. It is designed as a multidisciplinary programme that addresses important contemporary issues in an emerging field of study. The programme includes study periods in both, Europe and Africa. Students' mobility is understood as a key to mutual understanding of different views and cultures of migration and movement and will sharpen intercultural sensitivity. A number of EMMIR students will be awarded full or partial scholarships, covering their travel expenses, living costs and participation fees. Besides Erasmus Mundus makes provision for the exchange of scholars teaching and researching in the field of migration studies. Please find more information at

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