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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


Corona Campus Life

A new version of student life

Very little social contact, digital working groups and suspended stays abroad: a lot has changed for students at the University of Oldenburg in recent…

Research Top News History

How coffee conquered Europe

Today, coffee and tea are dietary staples for many people, but 400 years ago stimulants such as coffee and tea were exotic rarities. The collaborative…

Top News

Looking back and ahead

University President Hans Michael Piper looks back on an eventful academic year in the wake of the pandemic. In a video message [YouTube] he talks…

Haim Stiemer with a digitised archive on his computer.
Top News German Studies

Retelling literary history

How does one go about studying three centuries' worth of literary journals? Haimo Stiemer is banking on digital analysis methods – and has secured a…

Beybin Elvin Tunç
Campus Life

"A unique and outstanding personality"

Master's student Beybin Elvin Tunç receives this year's DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of international students.

View of a beach against the light
Environmental Research Top News

A dynamical world underground

The German Research Foundation is funding a new research group at the university. The DynaDeep project, led by hydrogeologist Gudrun Massmann, is…

Ralph Bruder
Top News

Presidential election: Unanimous Senate vote

Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder (57) will be the new President of the University. The Senate has voted unanimously for the director of the Institute of Human…

Campus Life

On the university's roof

The number of photovoltaic systems at the university is growing: more modules at the sports centre and the lecture hall centre will soon be producing…

Young woman with EEG cap, virtual cafeteria environment in the background.
Top News Medical Physics and Acoustics

Using virtual reality to better understand auditory perception

How can virtual reality help to better investigate complex auditory processes? This is what Oldenburg researchers are investigating in three projects…

Marine Research Top News

A jigsaw puzzle made of ancient dust

From a South Pacific expedition, a research team led by geoscientist Torben Struve brought back a research object which had travelled far before and…

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