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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


Paar op tandem
Campus Life

Een partnerschap die je bij blijft

40 jaar coöperatie tussen de universiteiten van Oldenburg en Groningen: Dankzij de lange samenwerking zijn Groningen en Oldenburgers in de loop der…

International affairs Top News University Policy

Among good neighbours

The Universities of Groningen and Oldenburg have been cooperating for 40 years. In an interview, the two presidents Jouke de Vries and Hans Michael…

Full view of the active grid with wind tunnel in the foreground.
Top News Physics

Recipe for a storm

Turbulence is an omnipresent phenomenon – and one of the great mysteries of physics. A research team from Oldenburg has now succeeded in generating…

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Corona Campus Life

Student research on Corona

Around 50 students from five schools have been working on their own projects around the pandemic. The university supports the projects in the teaching…

View of a computer screen with circuit diagram.
Campus Life Chemistry

Leading the way in virtual learning

Digital learning formats are booming. Chemists at the University of Oldenburg developed practical experiments that can be carried out via the internet…

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Corona Top News Health Services Research

Good health care in pandemic times

When the number of people infected with the corona virus rose dramatically in spring, many people did not seek medical care. Here, health care…

European Studies Landingpage [Entdecken] Persönliches Campus Life

Study Germany and Europe

Trouble finding courses for the semester abroad? International students of social sciences and humanities who come to Oldenburg are spared this.…

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Top News Social Sciences

"A positive history of democracy"

Political education often leads a niche existence. The German reunification offers a good opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of democracy,…

Two men stand at the stern of a ship and throw the yellow, elongated buoy into the sea.
Marine Research Top News

Enhanced visibility for profiling floats

Almost 4,000 robotic floats drift through the world's oceans in the international Argo programme. Using new optical measuring methods, the robots will…

Campus Life

“At the beginning, you need to be patient”

Gustavo Adolfo Leon Montoya has come to appreciate the short distances, nature and peace and quiet of Oldenburg. After two and a half years, the…

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