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Anna Langenbruch

Cultural History of Music

Musicologist Anna Langenbruch appointed

Dr Anna Langenbruch has been appointed Professor of Cultural History of Music at the Institute of Music.

She previously led a junior research group at the university that investigates the topic "Music History on Stage" and is funded by the Emmy Noether Programme. Langenbruch studied music and mathematics in Cologne.  She completed her bi-national doctorate at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales Paris (France) in 2011, then took up a research post at the University of Oldenburg in 2012, where she was awarded a Carl von Ossietzky Researchers' Fellowship in 2013. The university funding programme enabled her to successfully apply for the German Research Foundation's Emmy Noether Programme, through which she established her own research group.

Langenbruch's research interests include the cultural history of exile and migration, intermedial music historiography, music theatre from the eighteenth to twenty-first century, history of science, and gender studies. Most recently, she has been investigating the ways in which music history has been presented on stage in operas, operettas, musicals or plays with music.  She is particularly interested in the question of how knowledge about music is created through music as a medium.

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