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Daniel Neider

Safety and Explainability of Learning Systems

Computer scientist Daniel Neider appointed

Dr Daniel Neider has been appointed Professor of Safety and Explainability of Learning Systems at the Department of Computing Science.

Before coming to Oldenburg, he was head of the Logic and Learning research group at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems in Kaiserslautern.

Neider (40) studied computer science and economics at RWTH Aachen University, completing his doctorate in 2014. Until 2016, he worked on a research project at the University of California, Los Angeles (US) and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (US). He then returned to the Department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University as a postdoctoral researcher. He joined the Max Planck Institute in Kaiserslautern in 2017.

Neider's research focuses on reliability of artificial intelligence in safety-critical areas such as autonomous driving. The computer scientist is working on mathematical methods for proving the correctness of artificial intelligence and thus increasing trust in machine learning. Neider is also developing methods aimed at explaining artificial intelligence decision-making and recommendations in a transparent, easily understandable way.

(Changed: 2022-05-13)