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Nils Strodthoff

eHealth: Interpretable and Explainable Learning Algorithms

Nils Strodthoff appointed Professor of eHealth

Dr Nils Strodthoff has been appointed Professor of eHealth: Interpretable and Explainable Learning Algorithms at the Department of Health Services Research of the University of Oldenburg's School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

He previously led the Applied Machine Learning research group at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin.

Strodthoff studied physics at the University of Göttingen and at Imperial College London. He completed his doctorate at TU Darmstadt in 2012, after which he conducted research at Heidelberg University and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.

His research focuses on machine learning and its applications in medicine. Strodthoff is particularly interested in self-supervised learning, which uses raw data without supplementary labelling by humans. He also conducts research in the field of explainable artificial intelligence to gain a better understanding of artificial intelligence models in which the decision-making processes through which they arrive at their results are not yet known.

(Changed: 2021-12-22)