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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


Abstract painting with wooden panels connected by lines to form a net.
Research Top News Environmental Sciences Marine Sciences

Safe havens for cooperation

How do networks with a high degree of cooperation form? A study by team led by Oldenburg network researcher Thilo Gross in the journal PNAS gives a…

A flock of starlings can be seen as a cloud against the wintry evening sky.
Top News Research Biology

The sixth sense

Many animals use the Earth's magnetic field for orientation. But exactly how they do this remains for the most part a mystery. In the Collaborative…

Campus Life Marine Sciences

University by the sea

Wilhelmshaven is home to a part of the university: the Institute of Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM) has a location near the…

Aerial view of a branched Finnish lake surrounded by forest at sunset.
Research Top News Environmental Sciences

Natural clean-up

A study of 29 European lakes has found that some naturally-occurring lake bacteria grow faster and more efficiently on the remains of plastic bags…

Top News Research Economics

Planning sustainability

Bernd Siebenhüner is committed to sustainability on many levels. As ecological economist he is concerned with “planetary boundaries” and the UN…

Underwater picture of seafloor in 1.500 metres depth made by ROV JASON.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

Stronger circulation in the Pacific during the Ice Age

Data from cold water corals point to changes in the global ocean conveyor belt during the last glacial period, an international team led by Oldenburg…

Campus Life

Researchers from around the world

The University of Oldenburg is international. Here we introduce people from all over the world who have chosen to come to Oldenburg. The following…

Photo from the Southern Ocean. The sea is grey-blue and choppy, the waves have whitecaps. In the foreground on the left of the picture, the back and dorsal fin of a fin whale can be seen half emerging from the sea. On the horizon, the outlines of Elephant Island can be seen dimly on the left. On the right, two icebergs can be seen on the horizon, the left one smaller, the right one large and cuboid-shaped.
Top News Marine Sciences

Fin whales back in Antarctica

For the first time since whaling was banned, a team of researchers and filmmakers has documented large groups of fin whales in the Southern Ocean. The…

A younger woman sits at the table with an older woman and explains something to her on the tablet.
Top News Health Services Research

Assitance system to improve older adults' quality of life

Researchers at the University Medicine are developing an app-based assistance system that contributes to healthy living. The challenge: The target…

A hand turns a screw on an experimental setup.
Top News Physics

Making dark semiconductors shine

The energy-levels of semiconductors can be rearranged so that a formerly dark material becomes optically active. A research team led by Oldenburg…

Aufgestapeltes Feuerholz. Foto: LUM3N/Pixabay
Top News Research Philosophy

When heating in winter becomes a luxury

The question of how to fairly distribute scarce goods is a recurring topic of public debate, currently connected with possible gas shortage.…

Presidential Board Top News Cooperations

Overcoming borders together

The universities of Groningen and Oldenburg have been cooperating for more than 40 years. On Thursday, representatives of both universities met for a…

Das Foto zeigt die beiden Studentinnen auf dem Uni-Campus, Annika Bondzio links, daneben Ann-Christin Elsmann.
Ukraine Campus Life Landingpage [Entdecken] Persönliches Special Needs Education

Special assignment in Oldenburg's classrooms

Many schools in Germany have begun teaching children and youths who have fled the war in Ukraine. In Oldenburg, students from the University's…

Top News Research History

Snapshots of the past

What do a French composer in present-day Haiti, a Flensburg missionary overseas and a Bremen sailor on board a ship captured in the English Channel…

Aerial view looking over the roof of the university building with statues of three river goddesses onto an autumnal park, where the statue of Ivan Franko also stands.
Ukraine Top News German Studies

„We are witness to an epochal shift“

Culture has long been seen as a unifying force among peoples. The war in Ukraine has destroyed this certainty, says Germanist Silke Pasewalck. Here,…

Close up of spider web underneath a road sign.
Top News Environmental Sciences Research Chemistry

Catching microplastics with spider webs

Flies, dust and even microplastics - spider webs capture whatever travels through the air. Researchers have now for the first time tested if they can…

A test person sits on a chair, in the foreground some technical devices (loudspeakers, projectors) can be seen, in the background a living room scene is projected on a screen.
Top News Research Medical Physics and Acoustics

Another success for Oldenburg's hearing research

Intelligent hearing aids that work even in difficult acoustic environments – that's what researchers at the university are working on in the…

Top News Research Social Sciences

A network of support

The way families live together has changed over time. A team of researchers led by Oldenburg social scientist Dr Kai Willführ is using historical data…

The photo shows an underwater shot of fish, sponges and corals in a coral reef.
Top News Environmental Sciences

"We must think nature with and not against people".

Biodiversity – the diversity of ecosystems, organisms and their interactions – is threatened as never before, despite all efforts. In this interview,…

Eine Versuchsperson liegt auf einer Liege. Eine Forscherin bereitet alles vor, damit sie gleich in die MRT-Röhre geschoben werden kann.
Top News Research Psychology

To better understand brain stimulation

How can brain stimulation, for example through electric current or medication, help people with neurological diseases? This question is at the centre…

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