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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


Campus Life

One card, many functions

Featuring numerous functions – including staff ID card, electronic time tracking, building access and electronic payments – the new CampusCard brings…

Two peole are walking towards the entrance of the building.
Top News Computing Science

Researchers expand Master's programme in East Africa

Computer systems that control devices such as televisions are the focus of a study programme that Oldenburg's business informatics experts helped to…

A young woman sits next to a doctor who shows something on a clipboard. The hands are in the center of the picture.
Top News Health Services Research

Should cancer patients participate in tumour conferences?

Only a few breast cancer and gynaecological centres in Germany offer their patients the opportunity to take part in tumour conferences. A new study…

Lecture hall situation, a woman gives a presentation to a larger audience.
Presidential Board Top News

Good supervision for doctoral candidates

Supervising doctoral students is a demanding task. A new awards honours the commitment of supervisors. Annett Thiele, Vice President for Early Career…

Thomas Badewien stands on a boat with drifter
Campus Life

Citizen scientists welcome!

Thomas Badewien from the ICBM is receiving a lot of calls from tourists and beach walkers at present. He explains in an interview what this is all…

 Picture of the sampling frame hanging on a rope and still under water. It consists of 48 bottles, which are arranged in a circle and can be opened and closed at different depths.
Top News Marine Research

Multiculti of microbes

Growing microorganisms and their natural communities in the lab – that's what a new collaborative project led by Oldenburg researchers is working on.…

Porträtfoto von Ralph Bruder
Presidential Board Top News

Ralph Bruder takes office as president

The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg has a new president: Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder, an ergonomist and former head of the Institute of…

Campus Life

Researchers from around the world

The University of Oldenburg is international. Here we introduce people from all over the world who have chosen to come to Oldenburg. The following…

Top News History

Unheard voices from the past

Hundreds of thousands of documents from the period between 1650 and 1815, long forgotten and for the most part unsorted, are the focus of the Prize…

Campus Life

Work during the pandemic

The pandemic changed the everyday working lives of many university employees. In February, the Presidential Board and the Staff Council surveyed the…

Aerial photo of the lecture hall complex.
Top News Economics

Substantial cuts in greenhouse gas emissions

Students have compiled the university's third sustainability report. It shows that considerable progress has been made: CO2 emissions, for example,…

Portrait Humboldt-Fellow Mandana Amiri
Campus Life

Learning from each other

From research on water splitting to riding bikes: Thanks to a Humboldt Research Fellowship, the chemist Mandana Amiri is currently working at the…

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Top News Higher Education Policy

"Let's see if anyone can emulate that!"

After six years, University President Hans Michael Piper's term has come to an end. On Thursday, July 1st, the university has bid farewell to him.

The components of the experimental set are spread out in the picture: Test tubes, spatulas, clamps, a glass spirit burner, chemicals in tubular containers, beakers with lids, etc.
Lehre Campus Life

Practical courses in pandemic times

University students don't just learn in lectures and seminars; they also study in the laboratory, in schools or in concert halls. Six examples…

Top News Covid Medical ethics

Solidarity under scrutiny

Solidarity and social responsibility between generations in the pandemic constitute a focus of their research. Mark Schweda and Niklas Ellerich-Groppe…

Enlarged view of the protein molecule
Top News Research Biology

Quantum Birds

New findings on magnetic sensing in birds are presented by an international team of researchers led by Oldenburg biologist Henrik Mouritsen. The…

Bild des Bugs des Forschungsschiffs Maria S. Merian im Hafen von Istanbul, Türkei.
Top News Research Marine Science

Sulfur enhances carbon storage in the Black Sea

A study led by Oldenburg researchers finds new explanation for the accumulation of organic compounds in oxygen-depleted marine areas. The effect could…

Close-up of the metal wings that make up the active grid.
Top News Research Physics

The wind turbines of the future – and their digital twins

The new "Offshore Megastructures" Collaborative Research Centre is developing concepts for massive offshore wind turbines. In two sub-projects,…

Portrait of physicist Jan Vogelsang
Research Top News Early Career Physics

In the spotlight

Physicist Jan Vogelsang uses innovative laser systems to study ultrafast processes. The University has awarded him a Carl von Ossietzky Young…

Top News Health Services Research

Targeted fall prevention

Improving assessment of the risk of repeated falls in older adults and providing targeted prevention is the aim of a new research project led by…

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