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The corona pandemic

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Several wind turbines against the light at sunset.
Research Wind Physics Top News

New wind field models accurately describe wind gusts

Wind turbines are constantly exposed to turbulence. Researchers in Oldenburg have now made important progress in realistically simulating the…

Some flowers in the foreground, students with gardening tools in the background, a raised bed and the university building behind.
Sustainability Top News

Stopping the loss of species

The university is a founding member of the "Nature Positive Universities" alliance – recently presented at the UN Biodiversity Conference in Montreal.…

Corals in the Great Barreer Reef, Australia.
Top News Marine Sciences

Biodiversity and climate protection go hand in hand

A new treaty for the protection and sustainable use of nature is the goal of the UN Biodiversity Conference currently taking place in Montréal,…

Campus Life History

Staying connected through letters

Clara Willmann has uncovered a piece of local emigrant history. In her bachelor thesis, the student explores what centuries-old letters reveal about…

Research Top News Physics

Generating indistinguishable photons on demand

Special light sources are needed to transmit information securely in quantum networks. Researchers from Oldenburg are involved in two projects in…

A flock of starlings against the winter evening sky.
Research Top News Biology

How animals find their way

The Collaborative Research Center "Magnetoreception and Navigation in Vertebrates” is going into its second phase: The German Research Foundation has…

Festively dressed award winners in autumnal surroundings.
Lehre Top News

Excellent teaching

The university and the University Society (UGO) award two philosophers, an expert in German studies and a medical doctor for their successful and…

A satellite image shows the Australian coast, the Pacific Ocean, some white clouds and the brownish dust cloud.
Research Top News Marine Sciences

Travelling with the jetstream

Dust particles from central South America were the most important source of iron in the South Pacific during the last two ice ages. Researchers led by…

The three award winners on the evening of the ceremony holding their certificates.
Research Top News People

UGO awards go to three female scientists

The "Prize for Excellent Research" was awarded to human geographer Jennifer Turner and nutritionist Rebecca Diekmann, while the "Prize for Outstanding…

Top News Computing Science

Major success for Oldenburg energy systems research

The Joint Science Conference (GWK) is funding the nfdi4energy consortium in Oldenburg. The aim is to improve communication and the exchange of data…

Photo of the South African flag and the flag of Nelson Mandely University (NMU) in front of a university building. The sky is blue sky with light veil clouds.
Top News Higher Education Policy

A special cooperation

For 25 years, the Nelson Mandela University in Gqeberha and our university have been cooperating successfully in research and teaching. This week, the…

Energy Research Top News

Making the transition work

What must be done for the green energy transition towards renewable energy sources to succeed? Five experts from our university report from the…

Sustainability Campus Life People

Working for cultural transformation

Climate Protection Manager Anna Krämer is committed to achieving climate neutrality at the University of Oldenburg. In this interview, she talks about…

Sechs Stühle, von denen einer die Farben der deutschen und einer der niederändischen Flagge hat.
Top News Health Services Research

Different systems with similar problems

Researchers at the Cross-border institute of healthcare systems and prevention (CBI) are not only studying the healthcare systems in Germany and the…

Frontal view into the laboratory, the wedges can be seen on all walls. A man is in the center of the room, standing on a net of wires.
Research Top News Medical Physics and Acoustics

A room without echoes

The door of the Anoechoic Lab on Wechloy Campus opens onto a world of silence. The key feature of the recently renovated acoustics lab is its huge…

The camera is a dome-shaped metal part with some openings. It is located on a pole on the roof of a building, with the dome of the observatory in the background.
Astronomy Top News

Protecting the darkness

The dark time of year has begun. However, where is it still really dark? An international research project including Oldenburg researchers is setting…

Portrait photo of Esra Yasin, Bachelor student at the University of Oldenburg.
Campus Life Landingpage [Entdecken] Persönliches

A new start in Oldenburg

Around 1,900 students started their studies this autumn – many with the goal of becoming a teacher. What most of them take for granted is special for…

Landscape with power lines and wind turbines on the horizon.
Research Top News Computing Science

Using AI to operate critical infrastructure autonomously

Developing an interdisciplinary approach to using artificial intelligence methods for the secure operation of critical infrastructure systems is the…

Top News Study Affairs

New faces on campus

"Celebrating the start of your studies here and now, together and in-person, means a lot to our university and to me personally.” With these words,…

Singing bowl with two sticks on a table.
Research Top News Music

The positive effects of music

Can music improve the quality of life of people with disorders of consciousness? In her doctoral thesis, cognitive linguist Teresa Grimm examined this…

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