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The corona pandemic

Contributions by experts on consequences and perspectives


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Top News Philosophy

Where is history leading us?

Seven decades ago, Adorno's "Minima Moralia" took a mercilessly critical look at the state of society. Philosophers Helena Esther Grass and Peter…

View from above of four students standing with their instructor at the anatomage, a screen table that is currently displaying the skeleton of a human being.
Campus Life Human Medicine

Setting up forty additional chairs is not enough

Next winter semester, 120 new medical students will begin their studies at the University of Oldenburg, before only 80 students were accepted. The…

Campus Life

Online and intercultural

Enabling intercultural exchange for student teachers and academics - this is the idea behind the DAAD programme Lehramt.International. Lecturers from…

Ukraine Top News

War in Ukraine: Support Fund for Students

Russia's attack on Ukraine, violating international law, has left many people in need. In order to be able to offer financial support to students who…

Top News Music

Singing in decline?

Choir rehearsals are disappearing from people's calendars, music lessons at schools are more theory than practice and churches are shrouded in…

Renate Scheidler is sitting in a café, talking and gesticulating with her hands.
Gleichstellung Top News

Between worlds

When she went to Canada for her doctorate, Germany was still divided. Since then, Renate Scheidler has come back only for short visits. The scientist…

Three persons are standing in front of a wall covered with a graffiti.
Top News Early Career

Good support for doctoral candidates

The graduate schools 3GO and OLTECH are an important resource for doctoral students. They provide crucial skills and support cooperation, exchange and…

Group picture of EMMIR students on the Campus of the University of Oldenburg.
Top News International affairs

Outstanding students from all over the world

More than 220 graduates from 62 countries - that is the impressive interim balance of EMMIR after a decade. The European excellence programme Erasmus…

Ukrainian Flag
Ukraine Top News

Solidarity with Ukraine

The Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg is deeply shocked by the war in Ukraine and expresses its solidarity.

Top News Research History

Point of entry into past centuries

Capturing "enemy" ships and their cargo was once considered a legitimate tactic of warfare - including an own jurisdiction. The open-access portal of…

Top News Marine Sciences Research

Pooling knowledge for safeguarding the oceans

Protecting the oceans and using them sustainably: This is the goal of the second research mission of the German Marine Research Alliance, which…

Olympia-Logo hOlympic logo behind a pane wetted with raindrops.
Top News Sport Science

„The fascination is gone"

Major sporting events such as the Olympic Games are increasingly criticised. Sports sociologist Thomas Alkemeyer talks about whether such competitions…

Eine junge Frau legt einer älteren Dame in ihrem Wohnzimmer kümmernd die Hand auf die Schulter.
Top News Research Medical ethics

Living with dementia: when carers live with patients

Relatives often hire a live-in caregiver for persons with dementia. The relationship between patient, carer and family members can lead to moral…

Several students in white coats stand around the virtual dissection table (a large, horizontal screen). Prof. Bräuer shows something to the bystanders.
Top News Study Affairs

New ideas for teaching

From child protection in primary education to virtual reality in anatomy: seven projects at the University of Oldenburg are receiving funding through…

Studierende schreiben eine Prüfung.
Campus Life

Taking exams without panic

The semester is coming to an end - for students, this means the exam phase begins. Some not only have to deal with the material, but also with sweaty…

Two young women wearing a medical mask walk through a university building.
Top News Research Medical Physics and Acoustics

Face masks: Loss of lip-reading affects everybody

Deterioration in speech understanding when the speaker is wearing a mask mainly has visual causes. They are even more significant than the acoustic…

  A small brown bird IS sitting among the reeds.
Top News Research Biology

A stop sign for songbirds

A new study published in Science Magazine has shed light on how birds navigate back to their breeding site after flying across two continents.…

Five people stand in front of the canteen and hold certificates in front of them.
Presidential Board Top News

Fair trade on campus

The organization Fairtrade Germany has recognized the University of Oldenburg as a Fairtrade-University. This makes it one of 36 universities in…

Campus Life

Pro vaccination

Campus versus Corona: The city of Oldenburg has opened a vaccination point in the university library. On Mondays, everyone aged 12 years or older can…

Top News Marine Sciences Research

Microbes produce oxygen in the dark

There would be no oxygen on Earth were it not for sunlight; the key component in photosynthesis. Now researchers have made the surprising discovery…

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