Prof. Dr. Lena Ansmann

+49 (0)441 798-4165

Division for Organizational Health Services Research

Department of Health Services Research

School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg 

Postal address: 
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg 
26111 Oldenburg 

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Campus Haarentor, Building V04
Ammerländer Heerstraße 140
26129 Oldenburg


NWOB - Organizational behaviour in health care institutions in Germany - theoretical approaches, methods and empirical results

Scientific project leaders:
PD Dr. Mirjam Körner
Dr. Christoph Kowalski

Contact persons:
Prof. Dr. Lena Ansmann

Collaboration partner:
Working group Health Services Research of the German Society of Medical Sociology (DGMS)


Project funding:
Scientific network funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)

Project description:
The overall aim of health care delivery is to ensure that all patients receive effective, efficient, safe and humane health care. This requires the assessment of different levels of health care delivery like individuals, organizational units and organizations themselves.
In this research field of “organizational behavior” formal organizations, the behavior of persons in these organizations, the development of organizations as well as their purpose, context and environment are examined. The members of the network NWOB aim to capture the current state of research on organizational behavior in health care organizations in Germany and to sum them up with theoretical approaches, methods and empirical results. The network group comprises 15 researchers from various research fields and faculties of different universities in Germany (medical psychology, medical sociology, health care management, psychology, business administration, national economy, general medicine and health services research). Articles of all these researchers will be assembled to a systematic overview, published as an English-speaking book. Moreover, a review on the current state of research on organizational behavior in health care organizations in Germany will be conducted.
The intended result is to increase and establish the research on organizational behavior in health services research in Germany and thus to compete with international research in this field. NWOB aims as well to strengthen the collaboration between the researchers by building a research network for joint research proposals and projects.

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