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allgemeiner deutscher hochschulsportverband (adh)

The General German University Sports Association (Allgemeine Deutsche Hochschulsportverband (adh)) is the umbrella organisation for university sports in Germany and therefore represents the sports interests of over two million university members. It offers not only a large number of competitive events and a broad educational programme, but also many additional services and information on all aspects of sports.

All additional information about our cooperation and the services of the adh is available by clicking the navigation bar on the left.

Cooperating universities                                          

We also cooperate with several universities in the region. As a result, students and employees of these universities can participate in university sports under the same conditions as the academics of the Carl von Ossitzky University.
This currently applies to the following universities.

(the Oldenburg and Elsfleth locations only)

Cooperation partners in range of courses                                            

We endeavour to organise the broadest possible sports programme for you. Unfortunately, we cannot offer everything ourselves and not always at the facilities of the University. Therefore, we offer some courses together with external partners. These are clubs or commercial providers, which are specialised in their particular area, and generally have many years of experience with their respective programmes. In agreements with these partners, we ensure that the courses offered by our partners meet the standards we also apply to the courses we conduct, both in terms of content and organisation.

Do you want to have fun outside the gym on the water or in the snow? Then the team at WSM has certainly got that. Funsport is certain to have the right programme for you.







For entire trips, especially the area of surfing, you can also participate in surf camps at Outside Surf Travel through the cooperation with us.



For all those who like to be active on and in the water, we have a partnership with Beachclub Nethen.  If you want to learn how to water ski, wakeboard or kneeboard, then you’re in the right place. 





Those who enjoy rowing and want to learn how to do it will find a broad range of courses at the Oldenburger Ruderverein (ORVO - Rowing Club). We also offer courses in cooperation with the ORVO.

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