adh (The General German University Sports Association)


General German University Sports Association (Allgemeiner deutscher Hochschulsportverband)

The General German University Sports Association (adh) ...

has been the umbrella organisation for university sports in Germany since 1948 with a current 153 member universities, at which approx. 1.6 million students are enrolled,

therefore represents the sports interests of over two million university members. Students, teaching staff, employees and workers use the diverse programme consisting of 80% popular sports as a special type of “company sports for everyone” at universities.

supports this lobby with public relations and information activities, with meetings and partnerships with political parties, state and national governments, ministries, student unions, national and international university and sports associations, youth and student organisations, etc.

is characterized in its committees by the equality of student delegates and full-time sports specialists. This equal co-determination is also reflected in the staff on the adh board.

national championships of the universities in over 60 sports disciplines. The competition concept of the adh combines aspects of competitive sports with special student communications culture

is involved in organising and supplying international competition events as well as popular sports ones

promotes the innovative development of university sports with its educational and scientific work

is a member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (
DOSB), the German Sports Youth (dsj), the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the European University Sports Association (EUSA), the German Olympic Sports Association (DOI), the Trägerverein der Führungs- und Verwaltungsakademie des DSB [The Supporting Association of the Leadership and Administration Academy of the German Sports Association] and the “Sport mit Einsicht (Sports with Insight) initiative.

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