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External guests

External guests

Non-university members can also take part in the university sports programme. To do so, they must register before the course and pay the corresponding fee.

Please note that some of the courses are held in fixed groups (closed courses). As a rule, these courses run for the entire period (semester or semester break). Here, registration is possible one or two weeks before the start of the course.

In the case of open courses (which can be used by university members without registration), only the next date can be booked. Here, the following date can only be booked after the end of the previous date. This booking is valid as a day ticket for the respective date. So, for example, you could still go to the Tempodrom after the HipHop with your booking.

Almost all open events (which can be used by university staff without registration) can be booked online at short notice (up to one hour before the start). At very short notice (less than an hour before the start), the offers can still be booked in person at the office.

For organisational reasons, the number of participants is limited for a few open programmes. Here, ALL participants must register in good time.

(Changed: 25 Oct 2022)