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Where do I register

How do I register?

Price structure

You can generally register for all courses subject to registration beginning 14 days before the start of the course from 4 pm at the Hochschulsport (University Sports) office and on our website. You can also obtain information about exact registration dates for the respectively current period here.

Constant coming and going is possible in the free times (in German: FZ). You must coordinate team play, set-up and take-down of the equipment, lending of materials, etc. among yourselves.

Registrations are required in some cases for the learning-oriented courses “Basic Course” (in German: GK) and “Advanced Beginners” (in German: FA). Due to negative experiences in the past, registrations by telephone cannot be accepted. A maximum of two registrations can be carried out by one person. It is generally not possible to cancel registrations.  Nor is a refund of course fees generally possible. However, if you present us with a medical certificate on an illness or injury, we will refund the fees for the dates that could not be attended.
Students can withdraw from course bookings after registration if a university lesson has been rearranged by the teacher and clashes with the time of the course. We require a confirmation from the respective teacher in this case.
The fees for course dates, cancelled due to an illness of the trainer, will also be refunded upon application.

Our workshops (WS) take place at the weekend. Here as well, we ask that you please register promptly, at the latest 7 days before the start of the workshop.

As we offer our sports programme for everyone, Hochschulsport is however primarily a service facility of the university and is therefore interested in offering an inexpensive sports programme for students. For that reason, we have a certain price structure. This means that non-members of the university as well as university officials have to pay somewhat more than students for fee-paying courses than students. In this programme, the prices for students are before the slash, those for staff after it and finally the prices for non-members of the university, e.g. € 25.00/€ 31.00/€ 35.00.

(Changed: 2021-09-30)