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Activity break in guided groups

Activity break in guided groups

The Ativity Break is an active 15-minute break from work. This is done in small groups, preferably close to your workplace and with other members of your department. Under the guidance of an instructor of the university sport exercises for mobilization / stabilization, strengthening and stretching (especially the back and the neck) and relaxation are made.

The aim is to create a physical balance and to mitigate or prevent work-related complaints. Participation in the moving break can be done before, after or during working hours, but also during lunch break.

In the winter semester 2018/19 new groups are to be formed. If you are interested in joining an Activity Break Group, simply send your name, phone number, institution (department, department, etc.) you are working on and your preferred day of the week with time period.

You may also ask your colleagues if they would like to participate. We will then contact you and, according to your location and time requirements, try to install an Acitivity Break Group. However, we can not guarantee that you can always be assigned to a group according to your wishes.

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