english+ workshop 4.4: Better Sentences and Paragraphs

Better Sentences and Paragraphs

Sentences and paragraphs are the building blocks of writing. This workshop will show you how to ensure your sentences and paragraphs are clearly written and logically structured. Getting them right will reflect in your writing as a whole. We will also review related techniques to enhance cohesion and coherence, which refer to the way your text’s logic and ease of readability flows and reinforces itself at all levels. There are several ways to do this, but doing it well takes some practice. Do not forget to bring your own texts to work on.

Paraphrase, Summarize, Synthesize

A central foundation of academic writing is being able to accurately and efficiently rephrase, condense and combine the words and research of others. This workshop will practice when and how to do this in your texts, including the usage of direct quotes, and a quick review of citation styles and formatting for readability.

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13.09.2021 09:00 – 17.09.2021 12:00

(Changed: 2021-07-22)