Good Scientific Practice in Research

Who should be first author on a scientific paper? How would you react if you come across falsification of data within your research group? Is changing <link https: wiki brightness>brightness and <link https: wiki>contrast of only a part of an image scientific fraud?

The system of science is based on trust and depends on the honesty of all members of the scientific community. However, every now and then the media report on scientific misconduct, and besides such widely publicized affairs, more or less serious breaches of rules occur in the immediate environment of many a scientist. But what are the rules?

This one-day Workshop will introduce the recommendations on good scientific practice and the official procedures for dealing with scientific misconduct at the University of Oldenburg.
What is your duty working in day-to-day activity in the sense of good scientific practice? How is a whistle-blower protected? How can misconduct be prevented and what to do, if you come across it. The workshop will give opportunity to discuss situations and problems in a confidential atmosphere.

Trainer: Dr. Beate Grünberg & Anne Depping

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02.07.2018 09:00 – 17:00

Universities guest house, Drögen Hasen Weg 64

Graduate School OLTECH

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