Literature seminar: NMR spectroscopy in the environmental and natural products science

Lecturer is Dr. Sahithya Phani Babu Vemulapalli, Senior scientist and NMR-Facility manager at Research Group for Marine Geochemistry (ICBM-MPI Bridging Group).

In the literature seminar: NMR spectroscopy in the environmental and natural products science, we will discuss current and cornerstone publications on NMR applications in the environmental and natural products sciences. Each week, one of the participants will shortly summarize a paper in a 15-minutes presentation, followed by an in-depth discussion guided by the lecturer. Prerequisites: basic knowledge in organic chemistry.

Planned themes

  • An overview of NMR spectroscopy
  • General aspects of multidimensional NMR experiments
  • High-field NMR characterization of molecular composition of marine DOM
  • Fast screening of complex organic mixtures using advanced NMR methods
  • Multi-nuclear magnetic resonance analyses of composition of marine DOM
  • NMR method development
  • Emerging trends in NMR spectroscopy
  • NMR geometabolomics
  • NMR structure elucidation of marine natural product

Registration:               StudIP: Seminar: 50.01.006 (Winter term 2022/23)

Date & time:               Mondays 16.00 - 18.00 during the semester (17.10.22- 06.02.23)

11.10.2022 16:00 – 07.02.2023 18:00

(Changed: 20 Apr 2022)