Pre-Meeting for Practical method courses: RRDE, Impedence spectr., XPS, PM-IRRAS, SECM

Announcement for practical method courses in summer term 2017

5.07.937 Practical: Methodenkurs - Charakterisierung elektrokatalytischer Reaktionen mit rotierenden Ring-Scheiben-Elektroden (RRDE)
5.07.938 Practical: Methodenkurs - Impedanzspektroskopie
5.07.936 Practical: Methodenkurs - Photoelektronenspektroskopie (XPS)
5.07.935 Practical: Methodenkurs - Polarisationsmodulierte Infrarotreflektionsabsorptionsspektroskopie (PM-IRRAS)
5.07.939 Practical: Methodenkurs - Scanning Electrochemical Micrsoscopy (SECM)

Pre-meeting for all courses is April 3rd, 2017, 16:00 in room W3 1-130.

The course are offered in the PhD study programme Interface Science (module olt319), but are open to the PhD students of all Oltech programmes (modules olt203, olt403, olt505). Each course is credited with 2 KP.

Course registration: StudIP

03.04.2017 16:00 – 17:00

W03 1 -130

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