Scientific Writing Workshop

Topics of the workshop:

  • the structure of scientific papers,
  • an effective abstract,
  • the introduction – what is important?
  • the materials and methods – what and how much?
  • the results – systematic and clear
  • the discussion – place your data in context
  • the conclusions.
  • interacting with editors and reviewers
  • plagiarism and its consequences
  • citing and quoting
  • English and its usage, with emphasis on German-speaking authors (passive and active voice; special issues as capitals, apostrophes, abbreviations, numbers and rounding, hyphenation; British or American English?)

Trainer: Prof. Geoffrey Manley, STELS-OL

Credit points: 1.5 KP

Course requirements:

The workshop is adresses to PhD students of the graduate school Oltech.
Before the course begins you have at least parts of a paper for an international peer-reviewed journal written in a first draft (with or without other authors).

Please register via StudIP

13.06.2016 09:00 – 15.06.2016 17:00

Graduate School Oltech

(Changed: 2021-07-22)