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Starting your PhD: communication, efficiency, project orientation

Graduiertenakademie + Graduiertenschulen Graduiertenakademie

The workshop "Starting your PhD" offers all new PhD-students at the University of Oldenburg the opportunity to network with their peers and to discuss typical themes of the doctoral phase, such as presentation of oneself and the research project, planning of the PhD-thesis, and time management.


The focus of the first workshop day is getting to know each other and starting to build up a network of PhD-students at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. Furthermore you will train as to how to present yourself and your research project in your new role as PhD student both within the university and in the wider world of academica.

The second day of the workshop is dedicated to the planning of the PhD-project with to goal of developing a realistic project schedule. For this purpose, relevant basics in project and time management will be taught. The workshop day will also invite to reflect on individual resources, such as one's own work and motivation style or personal time budget in order to develop a plan which is individually fitting. In addition, potential crises and typical challenges of the PhD-phase will be addressed in order to be prepared for them.

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Start Time

09. December 2019 – 10. December 2019

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