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Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology - OLTECH

Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology - OLTECH

Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology

The aims of the Graduate School OLTECH are to train doctoral candidates in an international and interdisciplinary context. They learn to develop inventive research questions and new approaches to solving problems, to plan and manage projects and to present the results of their research. The early-career researchers learn about the relevant models and hypotheses in their field of science and can practise discussing them.

The curriculum combines several disciplines ensuring that doctoral researchers are able to integrate their scientific skills into a broader context. All curriculum elements serve to enhance the scientific independence and creativity of the doctoral candidates.

Membership in OLTECH is voluntary. It offers many advantages and opportunities. At the end of the doctoral period, members also receive a transcript of records, an overview of all achievements or a final certificate confirming the successful completion of a doctoral course or programme (according to examination regulations).


OLTECH Network of Alumni and Active doctoral candidates

We would like to invite OLTECH PhDs and former OLTECH members to join the LinkedIn group "OLTECH Network of Alumni and Active doctoral candidates". With the group we want to bring together current OLTECH PhD candidates with former OLTECH members, provide opportunities for networking, exchange and news.

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Travel grants for 2022

NEW exception: Applications  for travels from July to December 2022 can still be handed in.

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Next courses and events

Leadership Skills for Women in Science

How to lead and motivate a team and plan efficiently
Did you know that your leadership style and the quality of team communication have a huge impact on motivation and performance? That team dynamics can either become an obstacle or lead to a success story. Performance and results depend on the quality of teamwork, on established communication and cooperation structures and on effective task management. And last but not least on your confidence (!) and ability to integrate and get every team member aboard. If you want to enhance your leadership and self-management skills and at the same time have fun with group exercises and role-playing games, this workshop is for you!
You will reflect on your own role and strengths and learn how to implement effective tools right
from the beginning in order to save you from common pitfalls. The workshop provides you with basic aspects of team roles, phases, useful meeting structures and task management elements. Here you will explore powerful communication tools such as the art of listening, creative problem solving and implementing a constructive feedback culture. Furthermore we will discuss ele- ments of motivating leadership and how to build trust and encourage teams towards the realization of goals.
These new-found leadership skills will help you motivate and inspire a team, leverage teamwork
i.e., initiate and maintain a positive team spirit and successful collaboration.

Discussion Points

  • Team development stages and team management (Teamwork clock, team triangle)
  • Team roles
  • Elements of high performance teams
  • Transformational leadership
  • Meeting culture
  • Planning and prioritizing own and the team’s tasks (Kanban method)
  • Leading yourself (self-awareness, enhance confidence, strength orientation, work-life balance)
  • Dealing with emotions (own and others’) and leading by example
  • Unify diverse teams, integrate different personalities and interests (Riemann types)
  • Creative problem solving tools
  • Motivate and inspire by finding attractive goals, making accomplishments visible,
  • encouraging and challenging with feedback
  • Building trust through listening and empathy


Trainer input, demonstrations, exercises, role-playing games, group discussions, video clip examples, feedback, etc. Each Participant is encouraged to explore her style and thus expand their individual set of leadership, teamwork and communication skills.

Target group: female doctoral candidates in their final stage and female Postdocs from all disciplines

Course website and registration

Contact: Graduiertenakademie ; phone: +49 (0) 798 – 4628

18.04.2023 09:00 – 19.04.2023 00:00

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