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Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology - OLTECH

Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology - OLTECH

Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology

The aims of the Graduate School OLTECH are to train PhD candidates in an international and interdisciplinary context. They learn to develop inventive research questions and new approaches to solving problems, to plan and manage projects and to present the results of their studies. The early-career researchers learn about the relevant models and hypotheses in their field of science and can practise discussing them.

The curriculum combines several disciplines ensuring that the doctoral researchers are able to integrate their scientific skills into a broader context. All curriculum elements serve to enhance the scientific independence and creativity of the PhD students.


OLTECH Network of Alumni and Active doctoral candidates

We would like to invite OLTECH PhDs and former OLTECH members to join the LinkedIn group "OLTECH Network of Alumni and Active doctoral candidates". With the group we want to bring together current OLTECH PhD candidates with former OLTECH members, provide opportunities for networking, exchange and news.

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Travel grants for 2022

Next application deadline is 15th May 2022.

You can find more Information about OTECH travel grants here.

Next courses and events

Networks and Complexity

Networks are everywhere. Examples include the internet on which you are reading this text, the power grid that delivers electricity to your home, the food webs which form the backbones of ecosystems, the social networks which allows opinions, ideas and diseases to spread among humans and the networks of biochemical reactions that sustain all life on earth.

In this course we will understand how network thinking can be used to make sense of the many complex processes around us. Along the way we will be drawing on ideas from Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Ecology and Sociology.

The lectures will revolve around real world examples that pose specific challenges. These range from finding the shortest path to a destination to analyzing the stability of complex ecosystems. We will then discover broadly applicable methods to overcome these challenges and in every case we will be able to apply the methods to small examples with just pen and paper.

The course will equip you with a set of tools that you can use to understand complex real world systems. We will build up an understanding why these tools work and which lines of thinking could have led to their discovery. In this way we will learn how to think about complexity to develop new tools and overcome new challenges.

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