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Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology - OLTECH

Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology - OLTECH

Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology

The aims of the Graduate School OLTECH are to train PhD candidates in an international and interdisciplinary context. They learn to develop inventive research questions and new approaches to solving problems, to plan and manage projects and to present the results of their studies. The early-career researchers learn about the relevant models and hypotheses in their field of science and can practise discussing them.

The curriculum combines several disciplines ensuring that the doctoral researchers are able to integrate their scientific skills into a broader context. All curriculum elements serve to enhance the scientific independence and creativity of the PhD students.


OLTECH Network of Alumni and Active doctoral candidates

We would like to invite OLTECH PhDs and former OLTECH members to join the LinkedIn group "OLTECH Network of Alumni and Active doctoral candidates". With the group we want to bring together current OLTECH PhD candidates with former OLTECH members, provide opportunities for networking, exchange and news.

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Travel grants for 2022

Next application deadline is 15th May 2022.

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Next courses and events

Seminar: Use of Ra and Rn isotopes in environmental studies

Lecturer is Dr. Hannelore Waska of Research Group for Marine Geochemistry (ICBM-MPI Bridging Group)

Radium (223Ra, 224Ra, and 226Ra) and Radon (222Rn) isotopes are commonly used as (i) geochemical clocks to calculate residence times, and (ii) tracers to establish mass balances and calculate volumetric fluxes. Their major advantages are a simple, cost-effective analysis as well as a broad versatility. They have been applied to investigate groundwater-surface water interactions, pore water fluxes across the sediment-water interface, and dynamics of hydrothermal vent systems.

In the scope of this short introductory course, we will review the basics of radiochemistry, explore the utility of the U-Th series radionuclides in geochronology and flux calcuations, and establish an overview about analytical approaches and environmental applications. The course will include a field trip to Spiekeroog Island, where samples will be collected and analyzed later at ICBM in Oldenburg.

A background in (geo)chemistry or radiochemistry is desirable, but not required. However, due to the limited space and time-intensive supervision, this course is limited to 4 participants on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please register via StudIP.

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Hannelore Waska:

Planned outline (*Can be done online upon request)

Day 1: Morning: *Introduction to Radiochemistry and Ra and Rn Geochemistry. *Basics of radiochemical analysis. Afternoon: Visit of radiochemical analytical facilities, RaDeCC calibration

Day 2: Field trip to Spiekeroog, water sampling for Ra and Rn analyses

Day 3: Measurement of samples, calculation of activities

Day 4: Morning: *Establishing models for water residence time and fluxes. Afternoon: *Presentation and discussion of results.

05.09.2022 09:00 – 09.09.2022 17:00

(Changed: 03 Jul 2022)