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In addition to their scientific research, PhD students have to take courses in three main areas (30 credit points):

Specialised scientific knowledge

In these courses students broaden and deepen their scien­tific knowledge in the context of their field of research and acquire the necessary skills to perform their laboratory work. Students take an active part in colloquia, congresses, summer schools and lab visits abroad (at least 12 credit points).

Communicative competence

Students are trained in communication and presentation techniques and improve their expertise in knowledge transfer (at least 6 credit points).

Interdisciplinary competences and transferable skills

Students can develop strategies and expertise for their scientific career. The main issues are data management (statistics), project management, scientific writing, publishing own research results, writing proposals for grants and funds, and training for job application (at least 6 credit points).

An exemplary curriculum can be found here.

Please see the PhD regulations as well as the Admission regulations and the PhD examination regulations for more information about the curriculum.

Current Programme

An overview of the modules of the PhD study programme Medicine and Health Sciences is available in German and in English.

The course programme of the current term is available in StudIP.

Please note that the module olt703 Clinical Epidemiology and Biometry is not available at the moment. You are ininvited to either take comparable courses at other institutions or choose other OLTECH courses that are relevant for your studies. Please contac the programme coordinator for the recognition of these courses.

(Changed: 2021-04-30)