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Please take note of the current information, especially regarding the general rules of conduct as well as the area for students and the 3G registration points.


You will also receive current communications from the Presidential Board by e-mail. Therefore, please check your university email account regularly.

Basic knowledge and tools

On this page you will ...

  • ... learn important terms of everyday university life
  • ... find out which facilities and tools are important at the beginning
  • ... find helpful information for organising your studies

Everything seems new and unfamiliar? Then you have come to the right place!

We want to help you study effectively and efficiently so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible.

This page contains important information that will help you to find your way around better during the orientation days and during the semester.

So, have fun browsing and trying out our tips!

Terms, facilities and tools

What is ...

Students explain important university terms that you are going to hear a lot.

... Accommodation and living?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Accommodation and living
video | 31 sec

The Studentenwerk answers questions about living:
only available in German -

Tell us! - Questions for Jens Bömack, Head of Building Administration, Housing & IT
video | 2 min

Further information about accommodation and living

... AStA (student council)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

AStA (student council)
video | 25 sec

Offer of the AStA during orientation week 
- only available in German -

... BigBlueButton?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 32 sec

Explanatory video with the most important functions of BigBlueButton 
- subtitles available -

... CampusCard?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 30 sec

Further information about CampusCard

Note: Validation in building A12 (SSC) is currently not possible!

... Campus?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 41 sec

Campus Map

Current corona rules

... c.t. bzw. s.t.?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

c.t. bzw. s.t.
video | 17 sec

... eduroam?

... Fachschaft (student representative)?

... Fakultät (school)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Fakultät (school)
video | 10 sec

Overview of the schools at the University of Oldenburg

... Kommiliton:in (fellow student)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Kommiliton:in (fellow student)
video | 5 sec

... KP (CP, credit point)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

KP (CP, credit point)
video | 15 sec

... Matrikelnummer (student ID number)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Matrikelnummer (student ID number)
video | 12 sec

... Mensa (cafeteria)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Mensa (cafeteria)
video | 22 sec

The Studentenwerk answers questions about the cafeteria: 
- only available in German -

Tell us! - Questions for Christian Jorge Vinz, Head of University Cafeteria
video | 2 min

Further information about cafeteria 
- only available in German - 

- only available in German - 

... Modul (module)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Modul (module)
video | 10 sec

... Rückmeldung (re-registration)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Rückmeldung (re-registration)
video | 13 sec

Further information about re-registration

... Semester?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 9 sec

Further information about academic calendar

... Seminar?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 12 sec

... Studentenwerk?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 23 sec

The Studentenwerk welcomes you and presents its services:
- only available in German -

Welcome and orientation offers by the Studentenwerk
Video | 10 Min.

... Stud.IP?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 23 sec

See also the explanatory videos with the most important features of Stud.IP:
- only available in German -

Einführende Informationen zu Stud.IP
video | 15 min

An- und Abmeldung zu Prüfungen in Stud.IP
video | 5 min

Veranstaltungsverzeichnis und An- und Abmeldung zu Ihrer Veranstaltung
video | 18 min

... Tutor:in?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

video | 11 sec

... Uni-E-Mail (university email)?

Please check your university e-mail account on a daily basis. All information regarding your studies and the university will be sent to this address.

... Vorlesung (lecture)?

Brief student-friendly explanation:

Vorlesung (lecture)
video | 18 sec

Study organisation - analogue and digital

Tips on how you can get organised well during your studies.

Learning efficiently

Tips of Stephanie Kessens, Head of the Study and Career Counselling Service (ZSKB)
video | 5 min - subtitles available -

The Learning Workshop of the Study and Career Counselling Service supports students of all disciplines with questions relating to scientific work and writing.

Learning Workshop of the Study and Career Counselling Service

Getting started

Tip of a student
video | 47 sec

Organising your studies

Tip of a student
video | 47 sec

Tips of Wilfried Schumann, head of the PBS
video | 5 min - subtitles available -

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