Katrin Freese

+49 441 798-2190

Room: M1-180

Office Hours: by appointment

Useful tips and further information

Finding your way around campus

By clicking the images you will be transferred to videos that can assist you in finding your way around the campus. The videos explain how to find buildings and rooms on campus.

How do I find a room on campus? (Video in German)

What do room numbers tell me? (Video in German)

Institutions in Oldenburg and the surrounding area

The City of Oldenburg and nearby municipalities have a number of institutions and organisations that provide assistance and support with various issues:

You can find the contact details of the coordination and advising centres of the City of Oldenburg as well as the surrounding area on the Refugee Council of Lower Saxony website.

Refugees can get support and advice about integration at the Refugee Help Centre Oldenburg.

Information about advising centres in other cities and districts in Lower Saxony can be found on the website of the Refugee Council of Lower Saxony.


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