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Director: Prof. Dr. Johann Kreuzer

Founder: Prof. Dr. Antonia Grunenberg

Research assistant:

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Antonia Grunenberg

Curriculum Vitae


Professorship for Political Science at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg and director of the local "Hannah Arendt Centre" including the archive


Foundation professor "Hannah Arendt" for Political Science of the Foundation of Lower Saxony at Oldenburg university and director of the local "Hannah Arendt Centre" including the archive


Habilitation in political science; rehearsal talk on the subject "Gemeine Systemverbrecher"? - Der Skandal als Medienereignis in der Endphase der Weimarer Republik am Beispiel des Berliner Sklarek-Skandals 1929 ("Common System criminals"? - The scandal as a media event in the final phase of the Weimar Republic in the example of the Berlin Sklarek scandal of 1929 )


Doctorate in philosophy as Dr. phil. with Prof. J. Taubes with a work on the "Correlation of leftism and philosophy of history in the political writings of Georg Lukács 1918-1928" ("Zusammenhang von Linksradikalismus und Geschichtsphilosophie in den politischen Schriften von Georg Lukács 1918-1928")


Political theory and political thinking

History of political ideologies

Political culture

Jewish Studies


2002-2006Biography project "Hannah Arendt-Martin Heidegger"
1999Founding of the Hannah Arendt Centre at the department of Social Science at the CvO-University (Project: Critical edition of the complete works of Hannah Arendt / Kritische Edition Hannah Arendt Sämtliche Werke)
1997Researcher at theInstitute for Advanced StudyBerlin
1990-1991Researcher at the Science Centre North Rhine-Westphalia(Institute for Cultural Studies in Essen)
1988-1991Project "Tradition andNormchangein the cultureof the GDR"(Volkswagen Foundation) / "Tradition und Normenwandel in der Kultur der DDR" (Stiftung Volkswagenwerk)


Project: "Pluralism andautonomyin the cultureof the GDR"(Volkswagen Foundation) / "Pluralität und Autonomie in der Kultur der DDR" (Stiftung Volkswagenwerk)

Publishing oreditorial work:


Publisher of the "Hannah Arendt Studies"


Co-publisher of the Internet-magazine ""


Member of the DVPW


Member ofthe scientificcommissionof theFoundation for the Studyof the SED Dictatorship

2003-Member in the scientific commision of the Brandenburg memorials
2003-Member in the scientific Advisory Board ofthe Theodor HeussHouseFoundation
2000-Member in the scientific Advisory Board ofthe "House of History" in Bonn
1998-2003Member of theBoard of Trustees of"HannahArendtdaysHannover"


Board member of the"HannahArendt Prizefor Political Thought"



Awardof theHannahArendtCentreas"SelectedLocation"in the contextof the initiative "Germany - Land ofIdeas"

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