• 2014.10

    Tetradymites as Natural Hyperbolic Materials for the Near-Infrared to Visible

    M. Esslinger, R. Vogelgesang, N. Talebi, W. Khunsin, P. Gehring, S. de Zuani, B. Gompf, K. Kern

    ACS Photonics 1, 1285-1289 (2014)

  • 2014.09

    Nanospectroscopic Imaging of Twinning Superlattices in an Individual GaAs-AlGaAs Core-Shell Nanowire

    Senichev, A., Talalaev, V., Shtrom, I., Blumtritt, H., Cirlin, G., Schilling, J., Lienau, C., and Werner, P.

    ACS Photonics 1, 1099 (2014)

  • 2014.07

    Observation of Lorentzian lineshapes in the room temperature optical spectra of strongly coupled Jaggregate/metal hybrid nanostructures by linear two-dimensional optical spectroscopy

    Wei Wang, Parinda Vasa, Ephraim Sommer, Antonietta De Sio, Petra Gross, Ralf Vogelgesang, and Christoph Lienau

    Journal of Optics 16, 114021 (2014)

  • 2014.06

    Charge separation dynamics and opto-electronic properties of a diaminoterephthalate-C60 dyad

    Stefano Pittalis, Alain Delgado, Jörg Robin, Lena Freimuth, Jens Christoffers, Christoph Lienau, Carlo Andrea Rozzi

    Adv. Funct. Mat., in press

  • 2014.05

    High passive CEP stability from a few-cycle, tunable NOPA-DFG system for observation of CEP-effects in photoemission

    Jan Vogelsang, Jörg Robin, Björn Piglosiewicz, Cristian Manzoni, Paolo Farinello, Stefan Melzer, Philippe Feru, Giulio Cerullo, Christoph Lienau, and Petra Groß

    Optics Express 22, 25295-25306 (2014)

  • 2014.04

    Toward Plasmonics with Nanometer Precision: Nonlinear Optics of Helium-Ion Milled Gold Nanoantennas 

    Heiko Kollmann, Xianji Piao, Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Dongchao Hou, Chuong Huynh, Lars-Oliver Kautschor, Guido Bösker, Henning Vieker, André Beyer, Armin Gölzhäuser, Namkyoo Park, Ralf Vogelgesang, Martin Silies, and Christoph Lienau

    Nano Letters 14, 4478-4784 (2014)

  • 2014.03

    Coherent ultrafast charge transfer in an organic photovoltaic blend 

    Fa, S.M.; Rozzi, C.A.; Brida, D.; Maiuri, M.; Amato, M.; Sommer, E.; De Sio, A.; Rubio, A.; Cerullo, G.; Molinari, E.; Lienau, C.

    Science 344, 6187 (2014)

  • 2014.02

    Interplay between Strong Coupling and Radiative Damping of Excitons and Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Hybrid Nanostructures

    W. Wang, P. Vasa, R. Pomraenke, R. Vogelgesang, A. De Sio, E. Sommer, M. Maiuri, C. Manzoni, G. Cerullo, and Christoph Lienau

    ACS Nano 8, 1056-1064  (2014)

  • 2014.01

    Carrier-envelope phase effects on the strong-field photoemision of electrons from metallic nanostructures

    Björn Piglosiewicz, Slawa Schmidt, Doo Jae Park, Jan Vogelsang, Petra Groß, Christian Manzoni, Paolo Farinello, Giulio Cerullo, and Christoph Lienau

    Nature Photonics 8, 37-42 (2014)


  • 2013.09

    Wave front adaption using a deformable mirror for adiabatic nanofocusing along an ultrasharp gold taper

    Slawa Schmidt, Pascal Engelke, Björn Piglosiewicz, Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Kyungwan Yoo, Namkyoo Park, Christoph Lienau, and Petra Groß

    Optics Express 21, 26564-26577 (2013)

  • 2013.08

    Vibrational near-field mapping of planar and buried three-dimensional plasmonic nanostructures

    Daniel Dregley, Frank Neubrech, Huigao Duan, Ralf Vogelgesang, and Harald Giessen

    Nature Comm., 4, 2237 (2013)

  • 2013.07

    k-space Imaging of the Eigenmodes of Sharp Gold Tapers for Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy

    Martin Esmann, Simon F. Becker, Bernard B. da Cunha, Jens H. Brauer, Ralf Vogelgesang, Petra Groß, Christoph Lienau

    Beilstein Journal for Nanotechnlogy 4, 603-610 (2013)

  • 2013.06

    Dynamical configurational resonances caused by optical nonlinearities in ultra-fast near-field microscopy

    V. Lozovski, V. Vasilenko, G.G. Tarasov, C. Lienau, Yu.I. Mazur, and G.J. Salamo

    Journal of Optics 15, 035201 (2013)

  • 2013.05

    Quantum coherence controls the charge separation in a prototypical artificial light harvesting system

    Carlo Andrea Rozzi, Sarah Maria Falke, Nicola Spallanzani, Angel Rubio, Elisa Molinari, Daniele Brida, Margherita Maiuri, Guilio Cerullo, Heiko Schramm, Jens Christoffers, and Christoph Lienau

    Nature Comm. 4, 1602 (2013)

  • 2013.04

    Characterizing the optical near-field in the vicinity of a sharp metallic nanoprobe by angle-resolved electron kinetic energy spectroscopy

    Doo Jae Park, Björn Piglosiewicz, Slawa Schmidt, Heiko Kollmann, Manfred Mascheck, Petra Groß, and Christoph Lienau

    Ann. Phys. 525 (1-2), 135-142 (2013)

  • 2013.02

    Effect of tunneling transfer on thermal redistribution of carriers in hybrid dot-well nanostructures

    Yu. I. Mazur, V. G. Dorogan, E. Marega Jr., M. E. Ware, Z. Ya. Zhuchenko, G. G. Tarasov, C. Lienau, G. J. Salamo

    Journal of Applied Physics 113, 034309 (2013)

  • 2013.01

    Real-time observation of ultrafast Rabi oscillations between excitons and plasmons in metal nanostructures with J-aggregates

    Parinda Vasa, Wei Wang, Robert Pomraenke, Melanie Lammers, Margherita Maiuri, Cristian Manzoni, Giulio Cerullo, and Christoph Lienau

    Nature Photonics 7, 128-132 (2013)

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