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Simone Malz



Basics of project development and project financing

Distance Education

CONCLUDED pilot course:  Renewable energy projects in developing and emerging countries - Basics of project development and project financing


In this course basic aspects of project development and project financing in the field of renewable energies are discussed. The focus of this course will be on projects in developing and emerging countries. In this context, the importance of political, economic, socio-economic and environmental conditions in the implementation of projects will be considered in more detail. Based on specific case studies we aim to identify success factors and barriers in running such projects.


This course is aimed at participants with no previous knowledge who are interested in gaining a general overview of important aspects in those topics.


Language          The course is given in English.

Duration            September 17th 2015 - December 4th 2015 (concluded)

Workload           ~ 2 hours per week



The course is designed to be studied continuously over 11 weeks. The participants work out the content by themselves based on study material. This is done in three thematic blocks:

1. Introduction (week 1 to 3)

  • General overview of renewable energies around the world
  • Trends and development perspectives in selected regions and countries

2. Basics of project development and project financing (week 4 to 7)

  • Important aspects for project planning (timetable, supporters etc.)
  • Risk management tools and project controlling
  • Fundamentals of investment appraisal
  • Funding opportunities for projects in developing and emerging countries

3. Case studies to analyze success factors and barriers (week 8 to 11)

Working on the thematic blocks includes exercises to improve the understanding of the material. All exercises will be discussed on a forum of our learning platform. Additionally we will provide references and links for further information.

Under the first thematic block it is planned that the participants present the results of a research task. The aim is to present the situation of renewable energies in a country of your choice. We will do the presentation in a webinar all together. Alternatively, a short video will be created and made available for all participants on the learning platform. At the end of the course a discussion is provided with an expert, so you can ask questions around the covered topics.

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