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Secondary Batteries 2014

Distance Education

CONCLUDED pilot course:  Secondary Batteries Content Participants of this course learn about the problems and challenges of energy supply due to fluctuating energy resources with varying and seasonal load profiles. This knowledge is coupled with the knowledge on state of the art storage technologies and their appliances due to capacity and efficiency. The students of the course will receive a look at the main characteristics of different electricity storage techniques and their field of application. These characteristics could be used to make comparisons in order to determine the most appropriate technique for each type of application.. Evaluation For evaluation the participants will we asked frequently about aspects of this course by questionnaires. The students should show a proactive involvement in the learning process. Active participation and feedback about the content and the structure of the offered modules is expected. The cooperation is essential for the quality of our continuing education programme to reach „market maturity“.   Accreditation If a participant decides later on to complete the entire study program, examinations that were successfully passed during the pilot phase will be recognized and credited towards the degree programme. Requirements

  • Bachelor in Physics, Engineering or Chemistry or simular occupational experience
  • research in scientific literature
  • intuitive understanding of mathematical methods

Duration:            April 23st 2014 - Jul 16th 2014 (concluded)

April23.4.Information and introduction to the Learning Environment
30.4.Introduction - Motivation for storage
May07.5./14.5Storage Technologies – Different Technologies
21.5./28.5.Battery Fundamentals – Theory
June04.6./11.6.Secondary Batteries I – Lead acid batteries and NiCd/NiMH Batteries
18.6./25.6.Secondary Batteries II – Lithium Ion batteries
July02.7  Secondary Batteries III – Redox-Flow Batteries
09.7. Finals

Language            The course is held in English . 

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