Examination Dates*

Insight into the exam

You can have a look into all exams written in summer term 2018 during the orientation week (date to be announced). Please register until 1 October 2018 via email petra.oetken.brinkmann(at) indicating your name and matriculation number.

Summer Term 2018

Supplementary exam sow031 "Political System of Germany and the EU" (for SoWis)
Thu. 07.02.2019
A11 1-101 (Lecture hall B)

Winter Term 2017/18

Exam sow021 "Introduction to Political Science" (for SoWis)
Tue. 05.02.2019
A14, Lecture hall 1+2

Exam sow015 "Introduction to Social Sciences"  (for PoWis)
Tue. 12.02.2019
A11 1-101 (Lecture hall B)

Supplementary exam sow015 "Introduction to Social Sciences"  (for PoWis)
Wed. 13.03.2019
A11 1-101 (Lecture hall B)

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* Exam dates are subject to change (see Stud.IP)

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