Prof. Dr. Markus Tepe

Dr. Michael Jankowski

Christine Prokop


Selected Media Coverage

How moral are those in public service? – German-Israeli research project under Oldenburg leadership approved (Pressedienst Uni Oldenburg, 31 July 2018)
Radio Interview with NDR 1 on state elections in Lower Saxony 2017 (also see Landeswahlkompass Niedersachsen)
TV Interview (NDR Hallo Niedersachsen, 15 Aug. 2016) and various Radio Interviews (NDR, Nordwestradio) on local elections in Lower Saxony (Aug.-Sep. 2016)
Radio Interview with  Nordwestradio on "Gerrymandering" in Lower Saxony (29 Jun. 2016). 
TV Interview with Oeins (Oldenburg Local Station) on "Local Election in Lower Saxony 2016" (3 May 2016), TV Interview with Oeins (Oldenburg Local Station) on the "European Election 2014" (12 June 2014). 
ZEIT (22. Aug. 2013), WDR (27. Feb. 2013), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (19 Mar. 2013) and  Rheinische Post (3 Mar. 2013) report on study on Kindergarten fees and their determinants in Germany’s  95 most populous cities between 2007 and 2010.
"Lehrforschungsprojekt Wahlprognose mit Partei-Aktien" (Prediction markets) cited in the Nordwest-Zeitung  (22 Nov. 2012), (10 Jan. 2013) and  Radio Deutschlandfunk.
"Dr. Right and Dr. Wrong: Zum Einfluss des Doktortitels auf den Wahlerfolg von Direktkandidaten bei der Bundestagswahl 2009" (Dr. Right and Dr. Wrong: The Impact of a PhD Title on the Electoral Success of Direct Candidates in the German Federal Election 2009) cited in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (2 Nov. 2011) and Rheinische Post (16 Dez. 2011).
"Lukrativer Staatsdienst? Lohndifferenzen zwischen öffentlichem Dienst und Privatwirtschaft" (Wage differential between public and private sector employees. An empirical analysis using the GSOEP) cited in the taz (26 Feb. 2010).

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