1st Experts Workshop on Wind Tunnel Experiments hosted by ForWind

1st Experts Workshop on Wind Tunnel Experiments hosted by ForWind

by Hendrik Heißelmann, Forwind

In March 2018, ForWind, the center for wind energy research of the Universities Bremen, Hannover and Oldenburg, organized the first experts workshop on »Wind Energy Science and Wind Tunnel Experiments«. The two-day workshop, hosted in the »WindLab« of the University of Oldenburg, attracted more than 40 international experts from 22 institutions in ten countries to discuss the challenges and demands of wind tunnel testing in order to advance wind energy research. Particular emphasis was given to the experimental investigations of

·         wind field characteristics,

·         small wind turbine models and actuator discs for wake investigations and

·         the research opportunities given by the use of larger wind turbine models

in the controlled conditions of a wind tunnel.

The variety of excellent and unique experimental approaches presented within the meeting stressed the interdisciplinary character of wind energy research, which needs to cover a wide range of topics such as wind physics, meteorology, aerodynamics, mechanical engineering as well as advanced controls. All participants agreed on the importance of sophisticated wind tunnel testing to benefit wind energy. Encouraged by the very positive feedback ForWind intends to establish the experts workshop as regular meeting in the future.

The experts workshop »Wind Energy Science and Wind Tunnel Experiments« was held on March 22.-23., 2018. It was co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union and supported by the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme Wind Energy Systems.

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