Final Ceremony: PPRE 16-18 and EUREC 16-17

Final Ceremony: PPRE 16-18 and EUREC 16-17

by Juan Camilo Gómez, Colombia (PPRE 2016-18)

On 13th of April most participants of PPRE batch 16-18 and EUREC 16-17 gathered in the BIS-Saal of the University of Oldenburg to celebrate the last gathering for many before departing to their home places or pursue new professional adventures. Many of them also received their certifications, completing a cycle that lasted for the last 18 months. The Ceremony was organized by a team comprised by the member of PPRE staff and lecturer Dr Hans Holtorf and the students Mariana Vaz Sigoli, Alma Lucía Villareal, Fatemeh Aktharirad, Mohamed Abdelaal and Juan Camilo Gómez.

In this ceremony, PPRE & EUREC students, some members of their families, as well as PPRE staff and lecturers gathered to celebrate together for the last time. This event was chaired by Mohamed Abdelaal and Juan Camilo Gómez. To open the event, Jorge Vélez played the guitar and Fatemeh Aktharirad sang a typical Iranian song. Their performance was followed by some classical songs played by Jorge Vélez.  Prof. Dr Agert, academic head of PPRE and director of DLR – Institute of Networked Energy Systems talked about the importance of renewable energy, diversity and equality. This speech was followed by the words of Dr Herena Torío, designated managing director of PPRE and Dr Robin Knecht, designated managing director of EUREC program at the University of Oldenburg. Lucía Villareal, Mariana Vaz Sigoli and Kshitij Goyal talk about their experiences during the masters and their lives. Then Dr Hans Holtorf honoured Mr Wilfried Golletz, photographer of uncountable events at the University of Oldenburg, for a life of service to capture different moments such as the traditional PPRE – EUREC photo at the beginning of the course. Dr Hans Holtorf was also awarded by the group of students for his continuous work in the program. In an emotional moment, the students gave one rose to a person they considered important during their studies.

Prof. Dr Matthias Wollenhaupt gave some words to the students before handing their final certifications to those who fulfilled the requirements to be called Masters. Those “whose certificates still have wet ink” in words of Dr Holtorf, meaning that their certificates were still pending, or they were finishing their thesis, received a copy from the complete photo group, captured at the beginning of the program in 2016. The words were followed by a session of photographs with the traditional words of the photographer: you are too tall, please move there, you go in front…

After 1 ½ years, the students shared some snacks and some glasses of champagne or orange juice together, just to say goodbye, see you soon or Godspeed!

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