MOU For Wind Farm Portfolio in Malawi

MOU For Wind Farm Portfolio in Malawi

MOU For Wind Farm Portfolio in Malawi

by Carlos Giron, Guatemala (PPRE 2015-17)

Fluegelboten, the start up of PPRE and EUREC alumni in Africa, in partnership with Droege Energy GmbH have signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Malawian government for the development and investment of a 150 MW Wind Energy Portfolio. The MOU authorizes these two companies to study, develop and operate the Wind Farm Portfolio as an Independent Power Producer.

Carlos Giron from Guatemala (PPRE 2015-17), CEO of Fluegelboten, explains that the windfarms will be located at the Northern Province of Malawi in two different sites. The reason of choosing this installed capacity refers to the fact that those areas require significant investment on infrastructure in order to make the project viable; a small project won’t resist the financial cost of this infrastructure. Furthermore, the project seeks to commit part of the generated energy to neighbor countries as Tanzania and Zambia, in order to generate Forex Exchange in Malawi, and make the wind farm portfolio a more interesting project for Investors and financial institutions.

Mr. Giron also explains that one of the reasons to accept the commitment to develop the Wind Farm Portfolio is, that the Malawian Government has researched the meteorological variables for already 4 years on these two sites with good results. Besides, the World Bank is working on the Wind Potential Map forMalawi, which already has more than one year of meteorological measurements. All of the measurements available were measured at 70 meters meter high, and it is confirmed that Malawi has sites IEC Class I, with annual averages of 10 m/s.

Fluegelboten in partnership with Droege Energy, are also working together on the development of a 139 MW photovoltaic project in the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, which is expected to achieve financial close by February 2019.

Photo: Carlos  Giron CEO Fluegelboten Pvt Ltd presenting Snapshot of Energy in Africa, during the 2017 Africa-USA Business Forum in Lusaka, Zambia.



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